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    5 Star Chef is a globally recognised brand, offering quality products. 5 Star Chef offer a wide range of high quality industrial kitchen appliances for everyone and have the range for every occasion. Whether you own a family restaurant or cook for many people, 5 Star Chef have you sorted. Check out the 5 Star Chef range right here at Catch.

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    5 Star Chef pride themselves in industrial kitchen appliances. Made from durable materials and premium quality materials they offer a range that is suitable for everyone. The commercial electric deep fryer is one of Catch’s favourite’s. It will lend you a hand in achieving the right crisp for your dishes.

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    If you are looking for convenience and something that will save you some space, then the 5 Star Chef freestanding dishwasher is another Catch favorite and suitable for you! This slimline dishwasher is packed with full of great features to make dishwashing a joy rather than a chore! Grab your 5 Star Chef SALE on Catch today.

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    Shop the latest range from 5 Star Chef range right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore. Check out the 5 Star range and more 100% online and delivered to your door - welcome to Catch!