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All ball, nothing more - This is AND1's credo and has been the driving force behind the brand since its inception in 1993. The AND1 brand is basketball. They're dedicated to the 'ballers'. The kids honing there craft on the streets, pushing themselves to be the best player on the court. The kids living and breathing basketball. AND1 is from the streets, for the streets. The name 'AND1' is derived from a common phrase used in Basketball. When a player is fouled while shooting and makes the shot and then makes the awarded shot as well, the player earns the points from the original shot 'and one' from the free throw.

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The 'AND1' brand started with 3 dudes pushing t-shirts out the back of a car to guys playing streetball. The tees included common basketball slang and trash talk like 'I saw a picture of your game... on a milk carton.'. They're popularity grew and they quickly moved into the shoe business. Now you can find AND1 basketball shoes everywhere. From the kids playing on the street to big names in the NBA like Lance Stephenson. They've even got former Celtics great Kevin Garnett on as Creative Director so you just know they're shoes will have you looking fresh on and off the court.