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UNLIMITED POWER with Anker PowerCore!

Imagine your sitting on the train home after a long day at work. Your reach down into your pocket for your phone and some headphones. You take them out and you place the earphones into your ears. You go to power up your phone and select a tune. DISASTER! You’re out of charge. Keep yourself charged all day and night with an Anker PowerCore Power Bank. Choose from and a wide variety of power storage capacities - so even the most juice-sucking devices can be satisfied. Sleek in design, Anker PowerCores slide on into your pocket beside your phone. Make dead devices a thing of the past! Ordering yourself a PowerCore is so easy too at Catch - 100% online so no need to go to the shops and waste your time. Shop now at Catch and have your technology driven right to your door!

Play it loud with Anker

Parties are nothing without the music. Whether it be smooth jazz or thumping techno, be the hero of your next house party with the Anker SoundCore 2 Mini Bluetooth Speaker! Keep the tunes pumping for family events, gatherings or when you’re just at home doing the cleaning. The possibilities are endless with a truly portable and wireless speaker. You can even keep it charged for prolonged music blasting, with an Anker PowerCore Power Bank! If you don't want to share your music with others, there are also the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air - True Wireless Earphones. These bad boys have built in microphones with uplink noise cancellation, bluetooth 5.0 technology for a rock-solid connection and graphene-coated drivers for crystal-clear highly-accurate sound. Don’t miss out at Catch’s technology sale, and snag a Screamin’ Good Deal on Anker Goodies!

Global leader in charging technology

Founded in 2011, Anker burst onto the scene offering a stellar array of mobile accessories like power banks, chargers and USB hubs. Further along they also started offering wireless headphones and speakers. Besides mobile accessories they have also dabbled into car accessories and video projectors. They’ve also secured the future, with the advances being made in their wireless charging technology, ready for the next generation of smartphones and devices. Back to the present, there's always a good deal on Anker tech at Catch. Being 100% online means you can shop anywhere, anytime and know you can have your goods delivered right to your home.