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Looking for the best pair of cleaning gloves? Try Chux disposable gloves that are made for all kinds of household jobs including tasks that involve dirt, water and detergents. Chux is made of a pure cotton flock lining that gives amazing comfort and moisture absorbency. Try these amazing non slip grip rubber gloves that are amazingly resistant to household detergents. Browse through a variety of cleaning products from big brands online at Catch and add them to your cart today. Buy everything you want and anything you need at Catch!

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Here’s your chance to get your hands on amazing cleaning products at affordable prices online. Take a closer look at products like Chux Collections Thin Sponges, Chux Kitchen Duets Microfibre Cloths and Chux Bathroom Duets Microfibre. These products are designed for an amazing streak-free finish. If you’re looking for technology that gives you chemical free cleaning, check out these amazing products online. Browse through a wide range of products online and add to your cart today. Welcome to Catch!