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Are you looking for delicious healthy treats for your dogs? Your search is over. It’s a sad fact that gum disease is super common in dogs - in fact, 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from gum disease. This is why Pedigree has DentaStix that helps reduce the build up of tartar to up to 80%. Are you ready to make your dog happy? Catch has a number of food products to choose from. Buy the Pedigree dog treats in bulk online today. These treats are available at affordable prices at Catch - home to all the big brands.

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Here’s your chance to get your hands on amazing food items for your pets. Check out DentaStix from Pedigree that has a unique X shape. This awesome product is made of active ingredients including zinc sulphate and sodium tripolyphosphate. Be your pet’s BFF and get some DentaStix today. DentaStix is produced by trusted brand Pedigree that cleans dogs' teeth down to the gum line for complete dental care. Show some love and treat them today! Say cheese! Welcome to Catch!