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SALE! - Sugar free gummy bears by Double D have landed.

Double D lollies are the best for everybody no matter what age you are. Their sugar free sweets are a household hit across the country, mums and dads love ‘em and so do kids. If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to load up on sugar then you need to get a pack of Double 'D' Gummy Bears Sugar Free lollies. Double D pioneer healthy sweets and their gummy bears are made from real flavours and colours. Get your sugar fix the healthy way with these 99% fat free, gluten free and cholesterol free low GI dental friendly lollies! They’re perfect for those with diabetes and may need a healthy way to get their blood sugar up. These bite sized bears are perfect for school, home or even the office so don’t miss out! Grab yourself a great day today and save with us here at

Double D | Fix that craving for sweets a healthy way!

Some of us get that sugar craving and we can’t help ourselves, it’s only human nature. With Double D you can load up on lollies and not load up on sugar! Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, these gluten and sugar free marshmallows bite sized and go perfect for camping with the kids or if you’re just watching a movie at home. These treats are also ideal as diabetic sweets, Double D pride themselves on making the best sugar free desserts on the market and we support them 100%. That’s why here at Catch we’ve got insane discounts on all your favorite Double D lollies! Grab some today and thank us later - Catch