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Cornstarch 450ml Bowl (Natural) - 20pc
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Bamboo Cups Australia | EcoSouLife on Catch

EcoSouLife is a line of sustainable products that can be used outdoors. Made from agricultural waste such as corn, bamboo fiber, palm leaves, wheat and rice husks, EcoSouLife offer greener alternatives to people to reduce their environmental footprint. Moving away from materials like plastic, glass and foam, founders Sharon and Gal, made disposable alternatives.

Eco Friendly Camping | EcoSouLife SALE online

For that perfect eco-friendly camping trip, make sure you’re using biodegradable and eco-friendly reusable products including plates, bowls, cups and other utensils. Check out the EcoSouLife line of products on Australia’s favourite shopping destination - Catch!

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Known to use sustainable as well as biodegradable material, EcoSouLife is a recognized company across Australia that creates safe products - for both consumers and the planet. Check out their range of products on Catch.

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For people who want to reduce their environmental footprint, buy from a huge range of reusable utensils, napkins, bags and more on Catch. Check out all the big brands for less!