Awesome SALE on Explorer Socks!

Explorer allow you to take a path no one has traveled down. Walk, run, jump or climb knowing your trusty Explorer socks will get you there in the best way possible. We take socks for granted and we don’t realise how much we actually rely on them every day. Backed with 45 years of innovation, Explorer are made from a breathable dual layer wool blend that keeps your feet prepped for the great outdoors. Keeping your feet warm is ideal when hiking overseas during the winter time, your feet need to make sure they’re warm in order to survive the harsh climates you may oversee. Enjoy a pair of Explorer socks and we promise you won’t be sorry! - Catch

We’re having an Explorer SALE!

If you or someone you know loves the outdoors and can’t get enough of being outside with nature then we’ve got the best thing for you, Explorer Socks. Made from cotton, nylon and elastane these machine washable socks are a force not to be reckoned with. Ensure your feet are in good hands while you’re hiking up mountains or traveling through bush land during the harsh seasons. With a cushioned dual layer footbed that’s ideal for comfort and impact resistance, these Active Low Cut Explorer Socks keep your primed for the great outdoors. Shop & save every day at Catch.com.au!