Giggle Ball

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Keeping mans best friend fit isn’t easy, we know all dogs love their walks and play time and that’s why we can’t help but spoil ‘em with the best of the best. Dogs love getting amongst the sun on a summers morning and going for a walk or run with their favourite human. If you have a puppy then you know how hard it is keeping them entertained 24/7 because let's face it, we can’t keep them all the attention they always need. Alas here comes the Giggle Ball, keep your little furry friend happy, healthy and entertained with this durable petsafe dog toy they’re going to bark over. Perfect for indoors or outdoors, this dog toy helps enhance their natural instincts to play and is fun for dogs old or young! Grab a Screamin’ Good Deal today and stop overpaying for dog toys!

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The Giggle Ball dog toy is a great way to keep dogs old or young in shape and enhance their instincts of play. Containing tubes on the inside that emits sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken, your little furry friend is going to go bananas over this toy. Featuring 6 clutch pockets which allows dogs of any size to pick it up during play. The Giggle Ball is ideal for indoor or outdoor play, which is awesome if you haven’t got a yard or your dog is an inside one. This pet safe dog toy is durable and flexible, meaning it’s going to last through the bite marks and hard play times. Grab your best friend one day and spoil ‘em this Christmas! -