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Gourmet Kitchen: Unique kitchenware for the home chef

When it comes to all things cooking, Gourmet Kitchen does it right. Their unique products make cooking accessible to everyone and adds a touch of uniqueness to every kitchen. Create some amazing flavours, master the most eccentric cocktails and give your kitchen a touch of modern flair with Gourmet Kitchen’s wide range of super practical and fun products.

Cook like a pro and keep your dishes fresh for longer

The Divide-A-Bowl lunch pack lets you keep your ingredients separated until lunch, so you can enjoy the most awesome salads, burrito bowls and pasta dishes the way they’re meant to be. Forget about soggy salad and sauce-soaked rice - this handy bowl keeps your ingredients easily separated so you can mix it all up at lunch. Looking for that summer bod this season without the horrible, goopy take-to-work salads? Keeping it fresh and simple has never been easier. Check out this awesome lunch pack and so much more, right here at Catch!

Entertain others like never before...

Check out the super fun Whiskey Ice Ball set and grab the handy Highball Glass 6-Pack today and you’ll definitely impress with your drinks this weekend. Serve up some delicious treats on the gorgeous 2-Piece Acacia Serving Board Set that’s guaranteed to give your guests that extra wow-factor. Can’t cook to save your life? No matter. These serving boards make anything look great - chips, cheeses, everything looks gourmet.

Explore Catch today and check out what else is cooking!

Find some affordable high quality cookware, cool kitchen accessories and more at Australia’s favourite online superstore. With a huge range of cookware and more to add some new life into your kitchen, you can experience new flavours like never before and become master chef in minutes. Welcome to Catch’s culinary wonderland.