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Greenlund has you covered

Greenlund is your one stop shop for ultrasonic pest control, tools, and garden maintenance. With an extensive range of equipment, you’d be hard pressed to find better assortment, all of it perfect for the back shed. Any dad would be happy to get his hands on equipment from the Greenlund range to fill in any holes in his collection. Prepare for any future or current jobs at Catch! And remember, it’s all online which means there’s no need to search aisle after aisle for the things you need. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to be delivered right to your door.

Right tools for the job

Crush your next home reno job with Greenlund power tools and garden essentials. Drill, saw and screw your way through your next DIY project, whether it be home improvements or simple carpentry. Make everyone on the block envious of your building prowess with expert Greenlund equipment, fit for master builder. Don’t ignore your Garden either! If you're preparing your garden for the next birthday party, Greenland has the tools for that too. Manage your garden and landscape your way to perfection with the 10-Piece Garden Tool Set + Tote bag. Flex your green thumb with a Walk-in Greenhouse and make sure to fill it with fresh veggies or herbs to use in home cooking. With Greenlund you can create a tidier home and garden with tools bought 100% online at Catch. Screamin’ Good Deals and delivery to your home or worksite!

Drive pests aways

Keep your lawns and outdoor areas clear and safe from animals and pests. Make sure your next garden party isn't sullied by the presence of unwelcome guests like possums, birds, cats and dogs. Show Mother-nature whos boss and protect you fruits and veggies with the Greenlund Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. Waterproof and UV resistant, this repeller utilises a 100 degree infrared motion sensor to keep track of and pesky pests and frightens them away with ultrasonic frequencies and flashing lights. For all your pest repelling needs, check out all the deals at Catch, Australia’s greatest online superstore!