Handy innovations

WOW! Digital Coin Counters are at Catch for less!

The Digital Coin Counting Money Jar by Handy Innovations is a must have for every Australian home. Whether you need a new family swear jar or just a piggy bank that does all the hard work for you this is the right product for you. There’s nothing worse than when you’re messing up the house looking for change or tipping open your coin jar and having to count all the loose coins. Luckily this jar does all that for you without you having to cross check. Never again will you have to count the coins in your coin jar to see if you have enough money for whatever it is you need. Simply open up the lid of the jar or take it with you to make the purchase! You won’t find anything like this elsewhere, with all the cash you’re going to save grabbing this bargain from us, you can store it away in the money jar! Screamin’ Good Deals are always at Catch.com.au!

Kitchen Gadgets you need in the home!

Whether you aren’t tall enough, have a sore back or just can’t reach those high shelves in the home the Handy Innovations Xtra Arm is here to save the day. The unreachable is made possible thanks to the help of the Xtra Arm, extend your reach up to 75 cm and never stand on the kitchen chairs again! Made with rubber ends to give you that perfect grip and also not damage whatever you’re grabbing, the Xtra Arm is easy, lightweight and comfortable to use which makes it perfect for the older generation and those with a bad back. Reach under the couch, the top shelve of the pantry or wherever you once stored something high! Shop and save every single day at Australia’s favourite online megastore!