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Buy iLuv Bluetooth Speaker For Less - Delivered straight to your doorstep

With its headquarters in New York City, iLuv Creative Technology has been focused on creating premium tech products for your everyday use such as iLuv iPhone cases, bluetooth speakers, cables and other phone accessories. For instance, check out the popular White Iluv Mini Slim Portable Bluetooth Speaker that can be used for both android and Apple phones. Another great option is the iLuv Bubble Gum II Earphones. These lightweight, flexible headphones are available in a variety of gorgeous colours.

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With an innovative range of phone and computing accessories, iLuv provides creative technology solution for your everyday needs. Boasting a range of quality products that include speakers, docking stations for your smartphone, earphones, USB ports and more, iLuv have something you'll love to get your hands on! Make your tech life easier with these must-have accessories Save time and money when you shop at Catch - home to all the big brands. Buy everything you want and anything you need - right here at Catch.