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Buy Ionmax humidifier, air purifier & more

Focusing on quality, innovation and care, Ionmax is known to deliver quality products to make the air fresh in spaces like home and offices. Check out the Ionmax Compact Dehumidifier that helps protect you from mould, spots and corrosion. Made with thermoelectric peltier technology, the dehumidifier also aids drying clothes. Another great option is the Ionmax Air Purifier that is both lightweight and portable - perfect to take anywhere. Browse through a range of Ionmax products online and buy them for less at Catch - home to all the big brands.

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Keep the air in your home clean, fresh and free from allergens and dust with Ionmax. Their range of air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers help keep Australian homes healthy and happy. With their extensively researched and tested products, Ionmax assures quality and value for money. Perfect for those with dry skin, respiratory disorders and more, Ionmax products help revitalise and clean the air you breathe. Products from Ionmax are perfect to use in bedrooms and offices, as they operate silently.