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Looking for a quick way to up your protein intake? Need a healthy snack to throw in your bag before walking out the door? Look no further than Keep It Cleaner. We’ve got popular Keep It Cleaner products from the best protein bars to food for your little ones too! Packed with natural ingredients, Keep It Cleaner protein bars come in a bunch of different flavours such as Peanut Butter and Jam, Choc Chip Brownie, Cashew Cookie and more. Not only that, the brand also offers protein bliss balls in flavours like Peppermint Slice and Choc Orange. These protein bars and bliss balls are delicious and convenient ways to increase your protein intake, especially if you’re always on the go. Add them to your cart now and discover the bliss of Keep It Cleaner!

Shop Keep It Cleaner Bambini

Aside from offering protein-packed products, Keep It Cleaner also has food products for your little ones. Keep It Cleaner’s Bambini range aims to provide your bubs essential nutrients such as DHA and Omega-3. From baby food pouches to fruit bars, the Bambini range is worth checking out! The products are free from added sugars, artificial colours and flavours, and preservatives. What are you waiting for? Shop the Bambini range online at Catch today!