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Make playtime easy with Keezi!

Keezi kids toys have landed at Catch! Save big across a massive range of cubby houses, play kitchens and even musical toys! There’s nothing worse than bringing home a brand new toy for your little ones only for it to fall apart after just a few runs through playtime, due to it being made of low quality materials and manufactured cheaply. Luckily, Keezi kids toys are built to last! They’re produced with the care and attention that will ensure they can cop whatever your little ones throw at them! You’ll cherish seeing them get lost in their own little worlds for hours on end as well as developing invaluable social and creative skills! Keezi are single handedly proving that toys for kids don’t have to be made from cheap disposable and often nasty plastic materials. It’s hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship and aesthetic design that’s gone into the kids wooden kitchen play set! Designed to look and feel like a real kitchen the Keezi wooden kitchen promises hours of pretend cooking fun, making it easy for your child to tap into their inner little chef! The set actually features working knobs and kitchen components like a tap, sink and stove which can help your little one familiarise themselves with these vital kitchen tools in the most fun way possible! Made from sturdy fir wood as well as non-toxic, eco-friendly paint, you can rest assured that your child will be totally safe during play time. It’s usually in early childhood that you can start to see their personalities and even possible clues of future career direction start to take shape. Maybe you notice your kid obsessively builds blocks and has a knack for building their own little structures to get to places where they know they shouldn’t be (the struggle is real), this could point to the possibility of them becoming a builder or maybe even an architect in the not so distant future. Likewise, if you’re constantly having to hold your little one back from tapping rhythms on every surface known to man this could point to them maybe having some interest in music. Indisputably, the most immediate and easiest instrument to pick up and play without training is the drums! And with the Keezi 7 piece drum set you can foster your child’s inner rock star in the most fun way possible! Not just another cheap, poorly designed imitation drum set for kids, this set is certified safe and non-toxic and is finished in a unique PVC coating, making it durable and able to stand up to even the wildest beating your little one can give it! Grab an unbeatable deal on an awesome Keezi kids toy and take the pain out of standing in the cue by shopping online and getting it delivered straight to your door at Catch!