Building toys for kids - Knex does it right

Knex opens up a whole new world of imagination with its wide range of building toys for kids. From Knex Stealth Planes to Roller Coasters, Zoo Friends & so much more, kids of all ages will absolutely love Knex toys. These unique toys are easy to build, super fun to play with and make for some seriously fun family time. Grab a Knex building set today and flex your brain muscles together with the whole family.

Educational toys & raucous family fun!

The Knex Roller Coaster Building Set guarantees hours and hours of fun for the whole family. This build-it-yourself roller coaster set is perfect for ages 7-12, with 347 pieces that come together to create the most thrilling roller coaster ride there is. Build this beauty with your kids & say hello to a whole new way to spend time with the family. Skip the TV time this weekend and instead put your heads together to build this amazing roller coaster! Check it out for less right here at Catch.