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Feel like a champ with Onward Athletics!

Contrary to popular belief the main function of boxing gloves is not to protect the sportsmen but to make their hits even stronger! We can’t guarantee that Onward boxing gloves will make you the most dangerous person in the ring but they certainly will add weight to your punches and aid in training you to be a more well rounded athlete! If you’re entirely new to the world of athletic boxing gear or maybe you’re just looking for something a bit different, Onward are producing some of the most popular and sought after boxing and athletic gear currently on the market. Onward was born into existence out of the increasing worry of lower participation in fitness and exercise programs by the general public. The aim of the brand has been to innovate whilst also making athletic gear accessible and easy to use. The first innovation and the one that put Onward on the map was the invention of the “Micro-Mitt” in 2014. The idea was to create a highly compact coaches mitt that could fit in the palm of the hand and Onward successfully achieved this sementing themselves as a innovator and brand to watch in the athletics sphere. Each piece the brand designs is purpose built for optimal performance, functionality and durability, this ethos can be seen across the entire product range with the same high quality and stylish aesthetics applied to everything Onward makes.

Affordable sports gear at Catch!

Whether you’re in need of new Boxing Gloves, Head Gear or apparel Catch has you covered! Shop online and save across the entire range of Onward athletic and boxing gear, fight and feel like a champ! Whatever you’re looking for no matter the budget you’re sure to find the perfect fit at Catch!