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Playette baby products are on SALE now!

Playette are the leaders of baby products and parenting essentials in Australia. Offering modern products that fit the needs of busy parents and with safety as top priority, Playette baby products make parenting an absolute joy. Playette believes in affordable, stylish and most of all, practical solutions that let parents take care of their little ones in all the right ways - all the while enjoying the process. Find out why countless mums and dads nation-wide love Playette baby products - grab your Playette baby harnesses, accessories and more right here at Catch!

Playette baby carriers, harnesses and more...

If your little ones love to run around, the Playette 2-in-1 Fluffy Dog Buddy Harness is the perfect companion to a day out with the family. Let your little ones develop their independent walking skills in a safe way, with this adorable and super practical soft harness. This fully functional harness and backpack combo lets your little one feel independent and most of all, safe when you’re out and about. Grab this adorably designed harness for less, right here at Catch!

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Say hello to fuss-free bedtime with the Playette Starlight Buddy Monkey! This cute little ape has a light-up tummy that’s soothing and reassuring to your little ones. Send them off to sleep that much easier with this comforting little monkey that’s fit with an automatic off-timer that dims its light after 10 minutes. Not only that, the Starlight Buddy Monkey’s tummy light changes colours!

Give your little ones the best care they can get - with Playette!

Whether you’re a brand new parent or you’ve done it all before, you know just how challenging it can be to make sure your little ones are happy and healthy. Let your parenting journey be that much more enjoyable with Playette baby products - now on SALE at Catch!