Go Clubbing without the hangover! RAM golf on Sale!

Whoever said “golfing is a rich person’s sport” is WRONG! Why shell out more money than you need to? Durable and affordable golf bags have landed at Catch and they’re so aesthetic you might take up the sport just so you have an excuse to buy one!. Your inner minimalist will thank you because there are times where you just don’t need to bring the bajillion clubs sitting in your main bag to the course. With RAM you’ll look pretty casual, you’ll look pretty cool, you might even look like you don’t have a care in the world. And to be honest, you probably won’t! The stand case features auto-pop legs making setting it down an absolute breeze, a small and light profile (weighing only 2.4kgs) as well as a quick grab handle that makes grabbing your it out of the boot not only intuitive but you’ll look effortlessly cool doing it! Coming in at just under a hundred dollars buying one won’t make you the best golfer in the world but economically, you might just be the smartest! If you need something with a bit more space Catch has you covered with the RAM Golf Cart Bag. Featuring the same premium features as it’s little brother also at a fraction of the cost, It’s a piece of gear you will simply love and use for years to come!

One of the oldest Golf equipment manufacturers in the world

Since its humble beginnings in early nineteen hundreds Chicago, Ram has been providing high-quality golf equipment to professionals as well as hobbyists alike. At one time the manufacturer produced the most popular and highest selling club on the market, the Bristol 600 Wizard Putter. They quickly earned a reputation as a small company that provides massive quality and that ethos is present still today! Grab a piece of this iconic and beloved brand at an unbeatable price at Catch!