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Your pets are just like us. They require the right nutrients to maintain a healthy body and mind You would only eat food with the highest quality of ingredients. Why not do the same for your furry ones? Here at Catch, we have heaps of pet food made with ingredients of great quality from Royal Canin. We even have options for the most finicky eaters. We also offer the option to bulk buy pet food too. With delivery straight to your door, online shopping has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Have a browse at Royal Canin’s selection of pet food at Australia’s favourite online shopping destination today!

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Some pets eat whatever that’s given to them, while others are just plain fussy. You know who we're talking about. Cats are notorious for turning away food just because it’s not exactly what they want. Fortunately for cat owners out there, we’ve got a huge range of options for you to pick from. There’s something even for the fussiest felines from Royal Canin! Plus, we’ve got kibbles for specific cat breeds such as Ragdolls, Persians and more. Not only that, Royal Canin has a cat that has a range of kibbles for felines with health concerns such as urinary tract infections, indigestion and so much more. No matter the breed, health concerns and age, Royal Canin has something for every feline. Give your cats the nutritious and delicious food they deserve. Shop Royal Canin cat food at Catch!

Buy Royal Canin Dog Food

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about your pups! They deserve some love too. Similarly, Royal Canin offers a great selection of kibble for dogs of specific breeds. From Schnauzers to Boxers, no matter the breed, there’s something for every pup! Plus, there are also options for puppies and adult dogs available. Does your pup have sensitive skin? Opt for the Dermacomfort range, as it promotes healthy skin along with creating a shiny coat. Perhaps the Dental Care range would be of interest if your pups have issues with dental hygiene. Whatever the concern, Royal Canin has your back. Check out Royal Canin’s selection of dog food online where everyday Aussies shop today!