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    Explosive happiness with Satisfyer

    At times, life can be very stressful. Your boss may have been on your case at work, the traffic was dreadful on the drive home or you’ve come home to a mailbox of fresh bills. Whatever the reason for your stress, you’ve decided you need some alone time - a quick release to break-up all the stress of life. Enter Saisfyer! Satisfyer has you covered, from dildos and vibrators through to massagers and plugs, whatever “tickles” your fancy! Ladies, treat yourself with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration, It’s been receiving rave reviews online. Women’s magazines and deeply satisfied customers are singing its praises. Experience waves of pleasure and experience unforgettable orgasms with its powerfully stimulating air-pulse technology or make waves in the bath or shower as this toy is also waterproof! Make sure you check out the satisfying SALE today at Catch and see what all the fuss is about. With delivery Australia wide, sit back and relax as we deliver your pleasure straight to your door!

    Bring each other to bliss in record time

    Putting aside time to be intimate with a partner is very important to help create a deep feeling of love and connection. Sometimes creating time can be hard for a variety of reasons - we’re blaming you kids and work! Make sure that you make the most out of your time together with a toy or toys from Satisfyer. Toys shouldn’t be seen as intimidating or as a replacement in the bedroom, but a welcome extension to lovemaking like tomato sauce onto a hot meat pie. Plugs and loveballs are a good place to start and are the most suitable for beginners. Both parties can explore their use either solo, exhibition style or together to create new sensations. So take your time or don’t and make sure to communicate with your partner when the time is made. Don’t be shy, jump online today and grab a Screamin’ Good Deal on Satisfyer toys today. Partner pleasure is only a few clicks away!

    For the sensitive man

    Let’s face it fellas, sometimes you really can’t be bothered going out into the world or going online to find a partner for some action. Sometimes when you do take the plunge and make the effort, you can still be unsuccessful in your pursuits. For all those times and more there's the Satisfyer Men Vibration Masturbator. Simply set the pressure and prepare yourself for the ultimate ride. This sex toy practically swallows your penis for a mind-blowing orgasm. Don’t stop your pursuit for a sexual partner, but know that there's a product just waiting to swallow you up at any moment. There’s no better time or place to get your hands on a male masturbator! Check out the SALE today at Catch.