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Savannah - Kitchen tools & accessories that truly work!

Try to think of a brand that gives out a 25 year guarantee on it’s kitchenware and kitchen tools… can’t think of one? Good, that’s because Savannah is quite possibly the only manufacturer of kitchenware, knives and tools that guarantees it’s products for a minimum of 25 years and in some cases, even a lifetime! It’s a rare practice to behold in modern day consumer goods where a lot of things are produced quickly and end up broken and tossed in the trash even faster. It’s true that you get what you pay for and in most cases you might not feel like spending half of your pay cheque on a brand high quality new peeler (but low key, you totally would if it meant you could spend less time eating potatoes and more time eating delicious home made chips). With Savannah kitchenware, believe it or not, you can have both. With the brand’s crazy long unconditional guarantees on its products along with accessible and affordable pricing for all they offer, you can shell out on all new Kitchen tools without breaking the bank.

Cue the “Jaws” theme song, the avo shark has arrived!

Remember that time your grandparents told you to stop spending all of your money on avocados and save up for a house instead? Now you can eat your house-deposit even faster with the Savannah avo shark! Such words as “revolutionary” and “innovative” have been thrown around to describe it. An all in one avocado preparation tool that quite literally does it all. It includes a safe, specially serrated cutting blade, a nifty and smart pip-remover, utilised by a slide mechanism that safely grips and removes the pip from the halved avocado and is even guaranteed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty! Not only do Savannah offer exceptional value for money but with innovative products like the avo-shark and competitive prices on essential kitchen accessories you’d almost be crazy to not deck out your kitchen drawer with tools from this trusted and iconic Aussie brand! Jump online and save! Get exactly the kitchenware, kitchen knives and accessories you need at a time that suits you, delivered straight to your door at Catch!