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Shop Schick razors online at Catch!

When it comes to shaving, the Schick team know what's up. Boasting an impressive range of razors, cartridges, gels, foams and more, you can be rest assured you'll be getting a close and comfy shave every time. No more low quality shavers that can give you bad skin - grab yourself a pack of Schick razors and you’ll be on your way to a perfect shave every single time. The Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Disposable Razors 16pk is the perfect bulk pack for men. Featuring a 30-degree pivoting head and an easy grip handle, this lubricating razor lets you shave comfortably without irritating your skin. Check out this bulk pack of razors right here at Catch for less!

The best razors for women

The Schick Intuition Razor is the ideal choice for ladies. You can now grab a Schick Intuition Razor + Cartridges Variety Pack at a price you won’t believe, right here at Catch! Check out Schick shaving razors and the best shaving brands 100% online - they’re all right here at OZ’s favourite place to shop online! Welcome to great deals on razors and shavers, right here at Catch.