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Selleys: liquid nails, household glue & more!

A trusted name in household cleaning products & DIY solutions, Selleys provide a range of adhesives, sealants and cleaning products for everyday use. Perfect for any small or big jobs around the house, Selleys products enable you to repair, seal, clean and polish various household items. Offering a great range for DIY enthusiasts and tradies, Selleys make your home repair projects easy, quick and convenient. See this incredible range at Catch right now & get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Shop Selleys liquid nails, Selleys glue and much, much more!

Selleys No More Gaps - the best gap filler for less

Selleys No More Gaps Bathroom & Kitchen is the perfect gap filler for the home and office alike. Water and mould resistant and boasting a smooth finish for easy cleaning, this Acrylic Polymer Technology gap filler is the perfect choice that won’t break the bank. Check out Selleys No More Gaps gap filler right now, right here at the country’s favourite online superstore. Welcome to Catch!