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Serengeti sunglasses for men & women

Backed by 30 years of experience in Australia and New Zealand, Serengeti sunglasses are known for their incredible visual clarity & designer styles. Inspired by the harsh African safari sun, they boast exceptional quality and a snug fit for lasting comfort. Their eye for bold colourways and contemporary silhouettes leaves you feeling confident you’re impressing even the most discerning passerby. Check out Serengeti sunglasses online right here, right now at Catch!

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Check out the wide range of Serengeti sunglasses for men and women right here at Catch! You’ll find something for every occasion from the men’s Serengeti Piero to the women’s Serengeti Giustina sunnies - perfect for those sunny days out at the beach. Shop Serengeti sunglasses online now and save big!