Sirius Coffee

Attention Coffee Lovers!

From coffee pods to milk jugs and everything in between, Sirius Coffee is your go-to brand for all the coffee accessories you need! A range of colourful styles and intelligent designs, Sirius Coffee is a brand synonymous with great quality and love. Take their stacked barista kits for example, the handy coffee essentials will have you whipping up that morning cuppa like the pros! Sirius Coffee represent everything a coffee lover could ask for by offering all the essentials at a reasonable price. So, what are you waiting for? Jump online to Catch and pick up your coffee accessories from the brand making all the noise – Sirius Coffee!

Get Sirius about your coffee.

Sirius Coffee aren’t just your regular coffee brand, they're revolutionising the industry with an extensive range of barista kits, milk jugs and more smart coffee accessories for you to choose from! Internationally recognised for great taste and innovative recipes, the exotic flavours of their coffee pods blend 100% Arabica beans into a truly special cup of coffee. Find out what all the fuss is about by shopping Sirius Coffee for less at Catch!