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SmartLab Bug Playground Playset
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Science toys for kids | SmartLab

Learning about science is made fun and easy with SmartLab. Their series of DIY science project packs help kids to have hands-on experience while having fun. If you have a budding scientist in the making, the fun and educational packs by SmartLab are sure to get them off on the right track! SmartLab science kits are the perfect way to teach your little ones about the natural world. The SmartLab Bug Playground Set lets you keep various bugs in a handheld container that’s fitted with their very own playground! Capture bugs with the included catcher and you can observe them and learn about them up close and personal.

SmartLab science toys for kids online

For little geniuses, check out the SmartLab Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab Toy! Perfect for ages 8 years and up, this super techy science toy is perfect for a whole-family activity. Get your smart hats on and build some incredible circuits, all the while learning about light, sound and electronics!