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Sperry: The first ever boat shoe

Paul Sperry, the founder of Sperry boat shoes, was a devoted sailor, faced with a real problem... No footwear was game enough to take on a slippery deck. So how do you maintain traction on a slippery boat deck? Get a helping paw from man’s best friend. Upon noticing his dog’s ability to walk on ice without slipping, Paul Sperry discovered small cracks and lines in the paws. This discovery turned into the first ever, non-slip boat shoe. Sperry Top-Sider became one of the official shoes of the US Navy and since then, Sperry boat shoes have become a global brand. Sperry offers a range of shoes for both men and women and is fit for your next adventure!

Shoes with traction control

Sperry boat shoes are known for their innovative, non-slip sole. Sperry boat shoes inventive design provide you with comfort, style, and incredible traction to keep you on your feet at all times. So, whether you're going on a cruise, dinner with friends or the shops, Sperry boat shoes can accommodate for any occasion. At Catch, we sell Sperry on sale all the time, so you'll never miss out!

Set sail with Sperry boat shoes

Ahoy matey... Are you ready to take on the world? Jump into your new pair of Sperry boat shoes now and set sail on your next adventure. With a great of range of styles and sizes to suit your needs, the right shoe awaits.

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