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3 x 160pk Swisspers Cotton Ball
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Swisspers are a household name when it comes to skin care products. Their 100% pure cotton pads are perfect and ideal for removing makeup, cleansers and of course nail polish. The Swisspers Make Up Pads are made from durable strong fibers which help prevent them from tearing when you need them most. These cotton pads are gentle and feel like pure softness on your skin. The Swisspers Extra Large Cotton Balls are another product that are perfect for removing your makeup or nail polish but don’t stop there. These cotton balls are ideal for applying lotion, cream application or even first aid. These cotton balls are also great for arts and crafts with their perfect size and durability. They’re also perfect for baby care when you need it most. Everyone needs the best skin care products in their household and that’s why we’ve always got sweet deals on Swisspers right here at Australia’s favourite online marketplace! - Catch

We’ve got the best skin care products on the market!

Swisspers Original Cleansing Wipes are some of the best skin care products known to the world! These alcohol free and pH balanced wipes are perfectly made to remove makeup and impurities from the face, eyes and neck. These wipes contain active moisturising ingredients to cleanse your face without drying it out like other products and they also freshen up your face living it soft and clean when you need it most! Shop Swisspers from us at Catch and save your big bucks!