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Target Darts Online

Whether you’re only a social player or you are fueled by intense competition, the Catch range of Target darts online features all you need to conquer your adversaries in front of the dart board. Leading the way in designing the most aerodynamic darts in the world, you can trust that Target darts are going to give you every chance at pinpointing the bullseye. Take the 8 flight models as an example, these meticulously crafted flight systems are a groundbreaking solution in making your life easier when it’s time to throw. Find the most innovative dart technology by shopping Target darts online at the Catch online SALE.

Enjoy Target Darts, Right Here!

Through a tireless effort to develop the best performing darts in the world, Target helps social players throw like the pros. Countless professional darts players around the globe choose to throw with Target darts so you can trust that you’re shopping the best in the business. Target is motivated to bring design, quality and innovation to the masses of international darts lovers by developing products that surpass anything that has been done before. Join the darts revolution by shopping Target from Australia’s favourite online superstore - Catch!