The Bar Counter

The Bar Counter: Nutritious snacks packed with the good stuff

Aussie health food brand The Bar Counter produces a tasty range of nutritious snacks, packed with the best combination of natural ingredients and superfoods. Whether you’re after a mid-morning pick me up, a post-gym protein hit or a guilt-free dessert, The Bar Counter has you covered for morning ‘til night!

Help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle with these guilt-free snacks

While plenty of us can easily manage a healthy, balanced diet, it’s those sneaky times in between meals where a lot of people fall short. Resorting to high calorie, high sugar snacks, junk food and soft drinks can undo all of your hard work in just a few quick bites, which is why it’s so important to have a stack of healthy snacks on hand at all times! With a range of snack varieties including Raw Foods, High Protein, Gluten Free, Paleo and No Added Sugars, The Bar Counter makes it easy for you to stock up on healthy snacks that will complement your lifestyle. Keep them in the pantry, in your hand bag or even in the car so you’re never caught out again!

Shop a tonne of delicious flavours online

Available in a tonne of epic flavours including Almond, Macadamia, Cashew & Blueberry; Salted Caramel & Crunchy Chocolate; Dark Chocolate & Cherry; or Silky White Chocolate, Sweet Raspberry & Acai, The Bar Counter snacks taste as naughty as a great dessert might, sans that guilty feeling post-gobble! Here at Catch we love The Bar Counter in Chocolate Brownie or Raspberry Truffle flavour. On Catch you can even buy The Bar Counter goodies in bulk, which not only means you’ll be well stocked with healthy snacks, but you’ll be saving big bucks, too!

Save big bucks on The Bar Counter snacks today!

The Bar Counter products are a snacking option you can feel great about. Packed with natural colours and flavours, and free from unnecessary additives, they're tasty, guilt-free and convenient. Stock up for less on Catch!