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The Purina Total Care Grooming Brush keeps your four legged best friend groomed to perfection. Designed to remove loose hair and ensure a healthy, shiny coat. This grooming brush is ideal of dogs and cats of all sizes and age. Some animals hate being brushed, it can be painful for them when they can’t tell us it hurts or we’re pulling on their fur. The Purina Brush gently removes loose hair and the ball tip penetrates the undercoat while the bristle side polishes & stimulates hair follicles. Give your furry family member the shiny and healthy coat they deserve with Total Care and grab a Screamin’ Good Deal from us at

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There’s nothing worse than fleas, the Purina Total Care Flea Comb has a fine set of teeth that are designed to remove fleas and eggs and works wonders on dogs and cats. Everybody hates watching their best mate scratch and be uneasy, but they can’t help catching a flea or two from playing outside on the grass. Stocking up on the right dog grooming tools and supplies are essential when you have a 4 legged best friend because you never know what can happen next. Grab yourself a sweet deal from Catch today and save on all your dog grooming supplies + much more!