TW Steel

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TW Steel: Statement watches of exceptional design

Crafting powerful statement watches since 2005, TW Steel is a Dutch watchmaker best known for its oversized timepieces and chronographs. With designs that reflect a bold sense of individuality and style, TW Steel watches are always a valuable addition to your collection. Shop our TW Steel sale on Catch today and save big bucks on quality time pieces for men and women!

Quality, diversity and bold aesthetics

Entering the global watch market in 2005 was no doubt a risky move for TW Steel. Between similar watch brands like Citizen, Seiko and Casio, it needed a unique point of difference to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, thanks to innovative design and a big, bold aesthetic, TW Steel has carved out its own little niche in the timepiece market. Boasting quality form and function, paired with a diverse range of designs for men and women, TW Steel has taken the business of time into its own hands with great success.

TW Steel Canteen - the watch that started it all

The original TW Steel Canteen watch was the first design to hit the market, remaining the most popular collection to this day. Instantly recognisable by its signature hook/crown cap and two steel dots on the strap, the TW Steel Canteen is available in three-hand, automatic and chronograph editions, with leather, stainless steel or silicon band.

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Why settle for average when you can pick up a well-priced TW Steel watch, complete with premium construction, sleek design and all the trappings of a fabulous timepiece? Designed for the movers and the thinkers of the world, TW Steel simply can’t be beat. Stand out from the crowd and shop our TW Steel watches sale right here on Catch!