Uncle Tobys

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Wake up and start your day with an easy breakfast that still helps in the morning. Uncle Tobys Oat Crisp Honey & Macadamia Cereal is loved by millions of Australians every morning. Enjoy a awesome brekkie every morning and taste the goodness of oats and wheat flakes combined with crunch oat clusters! Scattered with a generous amount of macadamia pieces and a drizzle of honey for that touch of sweetness the family will love this great cereal in the morning. Did we mention it also has a 4-star health rating? How awesome is that! The kids will love that nice & sweet healthy taste of honey in the morning and you’ll love knowing they’re getting a great start to their day. Grab a bargain now and save with us today! - Mum & Dad, welcome to Catch!

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What’s better than a great source of fibre and 100% Aussie oats? Not a whole lot! Uncle Tobys Yoghurt Honeycomb Muesli Bars have landed at Catch and are ready for your lunchbox! Topped with a drizzle of delightful yoghurt these wholegrain oat bars are some of the best Uncle Tobys muesli bars on the market! No artificial colours or flavours means you can stay happy knowing your kids are getting a great source of food on the playground when they need that quick and easy snack! Don’t miss out on this Mum and Dad, these Uncle Tobys muesli bars are screaming for the lunchbox! Shop today and save! - Catch