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The outdoors are beautiful, especially when seen at night. Unfortunately we don’t get to live in it too often due to the brisk seasonal Australian air. Open up the possibility to experience the night with Catch’s range of outdoor heaters designed to bring the comfort of the indoors, outdoors. With specialised designs and a range of different shapes and sizes, an outdoor gas heater can really add to your home’s comfy exterior environment. The chance to own an outdoor patio heater is yours now at Catch’s huge sale, completely online with some Screamin’ Good Deals. Check out the range now to enhance your outdoor experience.

An outdoor gas heater is now more affordable than ever as more and more Australians realise the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. And don’t forget the accessories! Catch is now offering anything and everything to preserve the brand new condition of your patio heater- from covers to stands to reflectors, Catch ensures your heater will stand the test of time to provide you with the most comfortable living standard. Not only are they at a low price, but patio gas heaters are completely safe to operate. With no open flame, and a cool to the touch base, patio heaters are 100% child and pet friendly. It won’t be long now before your friends and family will invite themselves over to experience your new outdoor living system. Look through our catalogue now for our low price and high quality outdoor gas heaters and accessories.