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Just when you think vacuuming could never be cool, Robot Vacuums were invented! More than just a flashy high tech gimmick, Robot Vacuums allow you to keep your floors clean without lifting a finger! Vacuums have come a long way. Now you can ditch your old cumbersome old school vacuum with it’s plastic hose connected to a clumsy canister and instead invest a new stylish smart vacuum that is sure to be the envy of all your friends and family! But why invest in such a relatively new concept? What are the benefits? For starters Unlike a traditional Vac, Robot Vacuums are fully autonomous and super intelligent.

Equipped with lasers, motherboards, all kinds of sensors and even Wi-Fi, this is definitely not your grandmother's old Dyson! All these components serve to aid the Robo Vac in navigating your home without the need for human intervention. Probably the biggest (yet most overlooked) benefit of a smart vac is the fact that unlike a traditional vacuum, these new high tech vacs don’t use bags to hold dust, hair and other debris they pick up. Most smart vacs only require that you empty their easy-to-remove dustbins before they’re good to go again! Smart vacuums aren’t just smart for cleaning but also for allergies as many models come equipped with HEPA filters that stop allergens from spreading through the air, helping you breathe easier! You might be asking yourself, is the investment into a Robo Vac really worth it? Now of course this depends on the individual. If you place a particularly low value on the mundane and frankly thankless chore of vacuuming, this alone might be reason enough for you to take the plunge! Simply put a Robot Vacuum will effectively take care of the task and save you time. Depending on the size of your house that could mean minutes or hours!

They’re compact, can travel easily underneath couches, tables and other furniture where your traditional vacuum won’t and can even memorize where furniture is placed as to avoid bumping into anything or skipping areas that don’t need to be vacuumed! Another overlooked benefit of Robo Vacs is that they can easily integrate with your other devices and smart hubs, if you’re someone who fancies the idea of running a fully automated smart home, then a Robot Vacuum will be a must have gadget to add to your technological arsenal! With Robot Vacuums from trusted brands such as Samsung, IRobot and Neato at unbeatable prices you won’t want to miss out on grabbing this exciting new tech that is sure to make your life just a little less mundane! Shop online and enjoy the savings on a brand new Robot Vacuum at Catch!