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Westinghouse Electric Slow Cookers at Catch!

Have you been in the market for a digital slow cooker for a while now but you just haven’t found the right price and deal? Luckily enough for has some Screamin’ Good Deals on electric slow cookers right now! Jump online and grab a brand new slow cooker with a timer and we can promise you that your life will be changed. Imagine cooking up a slow-cooked beef stew or a slow-cooked Thai chicken curry? Now with your brand new Westinghouse 6.5L Slow Cooker, you can! This beautiful oval-shaped, huge 6.5L deep slow-cooker is big enough to feed the whole family and still have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! This electric slow cooker sports a 3-setting control panel that allows for easy-to-use operation. It’s bigger size is perfect for cooking those larger cuts of meat and you’ll be able to view it all thanks to the tempered glass lid with cool touch handles. If your family is serious about their delicious food then an electric slow cooker is what you need. Score one today from the No.1 Oz Online Superstore -!

Digital Slow Cookers at Catch for Less!

Are you looking at joining the magical and fun life of slow cooking but you’re not sure which digital slow cooker to start off with? Alas, Catch has the right electric slow cooker for you mate and you’re going to love it! The Kambrook 4.5L World of Flavours Slow Cooker is perfect for beginners at all entry levels. Pack a punch of different flavours into every new meal you create or make in this awesome electric slow cooker. It’s even got a built-in Auto Setting that can have dinner ready by the time you get home from work - how cool is that? With its generous 4.5L capacity, you’ll have enough food to feed the entire family and still have something to take to work tomorrow for lunch! Whip out those skills and make the family a dinner they’ve never had before all thanks to Catch!