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Who knew that we could dehydrate beef and create a tasty, protein-rich, long-lasting food? The making of jerky actually dates all the way back to the 1500’s, along with other similar preserved foods like pemmican. But you’re not here for a history lesson, you’re here for great deals on Jerky! So let’s get to the meat of the matter (pun intended). We’ve slashed prices on incredible tasting jerky, a great snack food that’ll keep you going until your next meal. Whether you’re off on a camping or hiking trip, looking to get some extra protein in, or just can’t get enough of beef, Jerky should most definitely be your go-to! Although when we think of superfoods, Goji berries, Acai, Kale etc. may come to mind, beef is a nutritional powerhouse too! Packed with iron, zinc, copper and B12, munching on some Jerky is a great way to keep your energy levels up! So why not stock your pantry up with some today? Welcome to Catch - where you’ll find all your grocery needs.

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Now’s your chance to secure some jerky that’ll certainly last you quite some time. Actually, it tastes pretty darn good, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you come back to order some more! Just Jerky have blessed Aussies with 3 different varieties of their flavoured beef jerky. Made from grass-fed beef and high quality seasonings, these savoury snacks also happen to be gluten free, high protein and low fat. How good! Choose from Garlic & Pepper, Chilli Cayenne Pepper or Coriander & Honey for those that like a little sweetness. Check ‘em out today at Australia’s favourite place to shop online!