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Calling all cat owners... If you don’t already have a cat scratcher, you absolutely NEED one in your and your cat’s life! Cat scratchers are a must-have for every cat owner. At our exclusive SALE, you’ll discover the best selection of cat scratchers online - we purromise you won’t find prices like ours anywhere else! We highly recommend Bono Fido cat scratchers, one of Australia’s most trusted pet brands. The Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Hammock is the perfect thing to keep your kitty active and happy all day, everyday. This Bono Fido cat scratcher is compact, making it just the right size for smaller living areas such as apartments or bedrooms. The Bono Fido Cat Scratcher Hammock features a carpeted resting post topped with a carpeted cuddle bed so your kitty cat can happily snooze after a whole lot of scratching! If you’re more interested in cat pole scratchers, the Pidan Cardboard Cat Scratcher is exactly what you’re looking for. This stylish cat pole scratcher will give your cat the purrfect place to flex their claws in! With multiple colours and textures to scratch up, and a hanging fluff ball to play with, this versatile cat pole scratcher should keep your kitty entertained and away from the furniture! We recommend training your kitten, or putting treats on the cat pole scratcher, for the extra stubborn fur balls. Every cat lover knows how much cats love cardboard, so why not surprise them with a cardboard cat scratcher? Your little fur baby will love having the Modern Pets’ Wall Mounted Cat Scratch Post. Designed to appeal to your kitty’s natural instinct to stretch, this innovative cat pole scratcher is an amazing 2-in-1. Mount it against a wall so your pet can stretch and scratch at the same time - it’ll be their new favourite thing! Keep you and your pets happy with a much-needed cat scratcher - we promise you won’t regret it. Explore our online SALE now and shop quality cat scratchers online today!

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