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It’s hard to pin down exactly why but there’s something that’s just a little bit magical about a wooden doll house! Probably one of the oldest kids toys on record, doll houses have endured the test of time and continue to emerge as an outlet for the imagination of little ones all over the world. It never gets old watching your children mesmerise themselves in magic and imagination as they create their own worlds in something as simple as a miniature house. A doll house can be something as trivial as a cardboard box or as elaborate as being modeled after a craftsman’s house. Catch stocks a massive range of wooden miniature houses from basic designs to designs inspired by your little ones favorite tv shows and movies such as Sylvanian Families and Frozen. A dollhouse can be whatever your little one desires. You’ll love watching their imagination run wild as they create their own doll families and stories that go with them. The dollhouse itself will inevitably become a treasured memory in your child’s life and will be a gift that can be passed down from generation to generation! Dollhouses have interestingly taken on a collectible status for many adults. There are countless blogs and instagram pages dedicated to people building and decorating their dream dollhouse as well as sharing tips, queries and information on miniature homes!

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