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Summer and the Groomsman
... two find love or will Summer's wayward horse put his hoof in ... loves nothing more than a rugged rural hero who's as good ...
... seeing her well-bred, highly trained horses languishing in the paddock, she ... of horses, she's reluctant to get involved. But when a summer thunderstorm ...
Flambards in Summer21% off
Flambards in Summer ISBN: 9780192739018 PUBLICATION DATE: 5 ... the country and have a horse. Although she enjoyed writing stories ...
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Hoof Beat & Riding Camp : Saddle Club Bindup : Book 55% off
... before it's too late? A Summer Vacation Treat The three members ... care more about winning the horse show than making friends. Even ...
One Silver Summer42% off
One Silver Summer ISBN: 9781910646298 PUBLICATION DATE: 1 ... boy. Arrogant and distrustful, the horse's trainer, Alex, doesn't approve of ...
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The Girl Who Rode the Wind
... and their bond with beloved horses, the action sweeping between Italy ... to Siena, Italy, for the summer, Lola learns of her family's ...
Wild Horses of the Summer Sun : Iceland, Freedom and the Gift of Female Friendship21% off
Wild Horses of the Summer Sun : Iceland, Freedom and the ... and its responsibilities? Wild Horses of the Summer Sun is author Tory ...
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The Girl Who Rode the Wind5% off
... to Siena, Italy, for the summer, Lola learns of her family's ... modern-day Palio on a beautiful horse called Nico - can she ...
The Summer of Kicks73% off
... metal band. A long hot summer stretches ahead of Starrphyre and ... of fruit trees, a tiny horse, some chickens and a grey ...
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Summer Nights : Fool's Gold Series : Book 8
... wild hearts cannot be tamed... Horse whisperer Shane Stryker is done ... things about kissing on hot summer nights, too-some lessons, a girl ...
Destiny and the Wild Horses5% off
... FOAL. Issie and her horse, Blaze, are spending summer in the countryside ... mind because she'll be training horses for the movies! At her ...
Malory Towers: Summer Term : Malory Towers: Series 820% off
Malory Towers: Summer Term : Malory Towers: Series 8 ... ! Someone has stolen poor Julie's horse! And there's money missing too. ...
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Comet and the Champion's Cup23% off
... a riding school for the summer, Issie and her pony-club friends ... time to compete at the Horse of the Year Show? Join ...
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Clare And Her Captain14% off
... Her summer is transformed by a new friendship with retired horse Captain ...
My Secret Unicorn : A Special Friend13% off
... to unite them before the summer holidays end and Michael has ... , reading, putting on plays and horse riding. Linda Chapman lives in ...
Stella, Star of the Sea
... catfish purr? Does a sea horse gallop?" Stella has an answer ... beach alive in this perfect summer story. Gently humorous, the book ...
Horses of Iceland41% off
... these magnificent horses in their natural habitat - the rugged, raw, and ... about this special breed of horse and captivating behind-the-scenes stories from ...
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Shuffle and Squelch5% off
... Kick your boots off, everyone. Summer's here and so's the sun. ... make you gallop like a horse or slide down the banister. ...
The Horse God Built14% off
... is a touchstone memory for horse lovers everywhere. Yet while Secretariat ... but forgotten---until now. In" The Horse God Built, " bestselling equestrian writer ...
Horse : Magnificent, Playful, Loyal21% off
... breeds of horse, split into ponies, light horses and heavy horses, with helpful ... am Sonntag and the Gatcombe Horse Trials 25th anniversary souvenir brochure. ...
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The Nature of Horses17% off
... interest including new information on horse vision, horse biology and movement. Introducing ... together the latest research on horse physiology, genetics and biomechanics, Budiansky ...
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The Horse and the Colt : And other horse stories72% off
... FREE WITH THIS COLLECTION OF HORSE STORIES. Sympathetically retold for younger ... storybook is perfect for all horse and pony lovers. Includes : * The ...
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Horse Breeds Poster Book14% off
... adorable foals, big draft horses, sleek race horses, and tiny ponies and ... For this special collection, international horse photographer Bob Langrish has chosen ...
The Horse Encyclopedia27% off
... Packed with gorgeous photographs of horse breeds from around the world ... , _The Horse Encyclopedia_ is the definitive guide ...
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Whole Heart, Whole Horse : Building Trust Between Horse and Rider13% off
Whole Heart, Whole Horse : Building Trust Between Horse and Rider ISBN: 9781628737226 PUBLICATION ... as gathering information from the horse; turning rider/trainer mistakes into positive ...
Paycheque15% off
... the weather. Here, in the rugged beauty of the Australian Adelaide ... - including a promising young horse called Paycheque. But just as ...
Complete Horse Care Manual
... , fully illustrated and up-to-date, Complete Horse Care Manual is a thoroughbred ... excellent working relationship with your horse is based on understanding and ...
The White Horse : And other horse stories33% off
... FREE WITH THIS COLLECTION OF HORSE STORIES. Sympathetically retold for younger ... reading about Buffalo Bill's horse or the lightning horse, this storybook is ...
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The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse & Pony Encyclopedia70% off
... introduction to the horse followed by chapters explaining horse and pony care ... ride, and The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse & Pony Encyclopedia takes the ...
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Storm Whale83% off
... she stumbles across a silver horse in a sunlit meadow, Sass ...
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