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Sylvanian Families Bedroom & Vanity Set 5285
The Bedroom & Vanity Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Sylvanian Families house. The set comes with a lovely bed, dressing table, shelf, and table in white and pink. The dressing table has a mirror that ...
Sylvanian Families Red Roof Country Home Doll House - Red/Multi
... third-storey terrace - all ready for a little family to move in (figures and furniture sold separately). FEATURES: * Sylvanian Families toys * Design: Red Roof Country Home Doll House * Colour: Red/Multi * Welcome to the ...
Sylvanian Families Baby Tree House 5318
31% off
Go exploring in the Baby Tree House this playtime! Clamber up to the top for the best view of Sylvanian Village, aim for the clouds on the swing or take a little nap in the hammock. The Walnut Squirrel Baby is included ...
Sylvanian Families - Beechwood Hall Gift Set (Set E)
22% off
... cakes in the garden or keep cosy in the warm indoors - the choice is yours. Boasting an impressive balcony, this house also has a moveable staircase. * Suitable from 3 yrs+ * Has 2 working lights which can be operated ...
Sylvanian Families - Persian Cat Family SF5455
22% off
... may have. Sister Lyra Persian likes tinkering with machines and is very interested in engineering. The family have just moved into a new house that has an elevator, and Lyra is fascinated by how it works. Being a twin ...
Sylvanian Families Yellow Labrador Family Set
31% off
... to play. Encouraging storytelling and imaginative play, with Sylvanian Families, having fun has never been so cute! FEATURES: * Sylvanian Families toys * Design: Yellow Labrador Family Set * Model no.: SF5182 * Colour ...
Sylvanian Families - Grocery Market SF5315
16% off
... counter can be moved into the bag by sliding the bar on the cash register and the walls and flooring of the shop can be detached. Sylvanian Families character dolls sold separately. Includes over 35 pieces. SUITS AGES 3+
Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family
31% off
... and head for posable fun! Plus, each family has their own backstory - make them a part of your Sylvanian collection today! FEATURES: * Sylvanian Families figures * Design: Milk Rabbit Family * Model no.: SF4108 * Colour ...
Sylvanian Families Town Series Violin Concert Set
20% off
... figure has special hands which can be moved to hold the violin and bow * Great for stimulating imaginative role-play in children * New from Sylvanian Families * Well-made with fine attention to detail * NEW TOWN SERIES
Sylvanian Families Town Series Fashion Boutique Playset
... for children with a mindful of fantasy, inspiring those who love to make stories and play. FEATURES: * Sylvanian Families toys * Design: Town Series Fashion Boutique Playset * Colour: Multi * Pack contents: * Main unit * ...
Best Value Combo Sylvanian Families Famliy Cruising Car + The Caravan 5448 5045
19% off
... included baby buggy can be attached to the back seat of the car and used as a baby car seat. The Sylvanian Family Caravan has everything needed for staying away from home. Open up the roof and side to reveal a very well ...
Sylvanian Families Fresian Cow Family SF5618
... are striking black & white Friesian cows who were originally designed for the UK Sylvanian Families range and first released here in 2010. Father Hornbull Buttercup loves walking through the fields and woods around ...
Sylvanian Families Classic Telephone 5030
... cupboard and still have room for books and papers and bring some joy to brighten up any Sylvanians family home. Contents: cupboard, phone books, wall mounted note board, doily, pencil and holder, letters. Figurines sold ...
Sylvanian Families Marguerite Rabbit Family Limited Edition 5507
16% off
... yellow theme. The Marguerite Rabbit girl even comes with her own cute daisy ear decoration. This is a limited edition exclusive set available in limited numbers to celebrate Sylvanian Families' 35th Anniversary! Ages: 3+
Sylvanian Families Kitchen Cooking Set 5028
27% off
... to cook and this set includes everything they need, pots, pans and kettle. * Accessory set for your Sylvanian Family home * Includes various accessories for cooking * Well-made with fine attention to detail * Good for ...
Sylvanian Families Breakfast Playset 5444
19% off
Sylvanian Families Breakfast Playset includes breakfast and cooking utensils. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so grab a plate and tuck in. Have even more fun playing together with the Kitchen and ...
Sylvanian Families Costume Cuties (Kitty & Cub)
... little ones are wearing fuzzy animal costumes in the shape of a white kitten and a yellow bear cub! This is a limited edition exclusive set available in limited numbers to celebrate Sylvanian Families' 35th Anniversary!
Sylvanian Families Baby Trio (Ninja)
... cute ninja costumes. This is a limited edition exclusive set available in limited numbers to celebrate Sylvanian Families' 35th Anniversary! Combine with other products from the Nursery and Amusement Park range (sold ...
Sylvanian Families Cottontail Rabbit Family SF4030
12% off
Meet the Cottontail Rabbit Family, pack includes Father Aaron, Mother Sorrel, Brother Gromwell and Sister Willow. Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Country Dentist Set 5095
... end of your session, a mask and 4 treatment tools. Why not get this set to make sure that your Sylvanians teeth are in the best shape they can be, whether their wisdom nashers have just started coming through, or their ...
Sylvanian Families Semi Double Bed 5019
... even a bedtime story! Plus there's a bedside table complete with drawer, and a lamp and alarm clock so your Sylvanians can keep track of tick tocks to make sure they don't get up too late when theyre having a lie in ...
Sylvanian Families Designer Studio SF6006
37% off
... is a private studio for Stella the Chocolate Rabbit, who works as a dress designer in town. Your Sylvanian friends can enjoy a lovely tea party inside. The building and the furniture are neatly designed with gorgeous ...
Sylvanian Families Country Doctor 5096
Dr. Alex Periwinkle runs the Country Clinic. Everyone is Sylvanian Village relies on his knowledge to help them get better when they aren't well. Includes doctor's uniform, desk & chair, bed, scale, reception desk and ...
Sylvanian Families Sunny Rabbit Family 5372
20% off
The Sunny Rabbit Family, is a family of three who are an active part of the Sylvanian township. Combining with other homes, furniture and figures allows for even more enjoyable pretend play (sold separately). Features: * ...
Sylvanian Families Elephant Family 5376
31% off
The Sylvanian Elephant Family is a three-piece set including Elephant Father, Mother and baby. The figure's head, hand and feet can be moved, allowing them to take on a number of different poses. Father, Mitchell loves ...
Sylvanian Families - Vegetable Garden Set 5026
30% off
... days in the garden using their green paws, they can also nibble on their vegetables once theyve grown! And Sylvanians always eat all of their vegetables! * Set includes: 1 kitchen garden, 1 water tap, 1 planter rack, 2 ...
Sylvanian Families Kangaroo Family SF4766
27% off
Meet the Kangaroo Family, pack includes: Father Bruce, Mother Sheila, Brother Joey & Sister Joanne. These miniature animal figures have articulated arms, legs and head and are made of plastic with a high quality thin ...
Sylvanian Families Baby Crib SF4462
7% off
Adorable Baby Crib for Sylvanian baby's sweet dreams. Set includes bedding and miniature teddy bear toy. Figures not include Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon 5265
10% off
... nine different fruits, the Fruit Wagon stocks only the freshest of produce and is the place to get your Sylvanians their five a day. Weigh purchases using the scales provided and write the recommendations of the day on ...
Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family 5358
25% off
Woolly Alpaca Father, Mother, Girl, and Baby (Crawling). A friendly family of four who all have laid-back and calm personalities. Woolly Alpaca Father is skilled at knitting and loves listening to music. Woolly Alpaca ...
Sylvanian Families  Baby Castle Playground 5319
28% off
Enjoy some fairy tale playtime at this beautiful Baby Castle Playground.. With so much to do, your Sylvanian children will have plenty of fun! The babies can go up the stairs to see the amazing view from the top of the ...
Sylvanian Families Lets Play Playpen
Sylvanian babies will love this fun playpen that includes a feeding bottle, trumpet, rotating panel, and piano. Figures not included. Suitable from 3 yrs+
Sylvanian Families Elephant Family (3 Figure Set)
... , Mother Rianne Bubblebrook and baby Hilton Bubblebrook. Adult figures stand approximately 8cm tall. Each family member has moveable arms, legs and head along with removable clothes. FATHER MITCHELL BUBBLEBROOK loves ...
Sylvanian Families Elephant Family 4 Figures
31% off
Meet the Elephant Family, Father Hugo Trunk, Mother Savannah Trunk, Brother Ivor Trunk and Sister Nellie Trunk. * Four piece set: Father, mother, brother and sister elephant * Dressed in removable fabric clothing * ...
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Baby V2 SF5405
16% off
... Creme the Chocolate Rabbit baby loves the Pain au Chocolat her dad makes - she'll often greet the other Sylvanians with chocolate around her mouth. She's good friends with the birds in the garden and shares her buns with ...
Sylvanian Families Princess Dress Up Set SF5645
16% off
... blue dress, fashion accessories, and furniture. Mix and match dresses, tiara, accessories, and shoes, to give your Sylvanians a princess makeover! The accessories can be displayed on the shelf. The dress can be placed on ...
Sylvanian Families  - Tandem Cycling Set SF5637
... trouble. Together, they make a great team. Combine with the Husky Family and Husky twin figures (both sold separately) for fun with the whole Husky family! The tandem bicycle can be connected to the sleigh from the Husky ...
Sylvanian Families BBQ Picnic Set SF5640
... The table and chairs can be folded up. The barbecue lid can be opened and closed. Combine with the Elephant Family (sold separately) for more fun. Or combine with sets such as the Adventure Treehouse, Lakeside Lodge, or ...
Sylvanian Families Meerkat Family 5617 Limited Edition
... turn up for school on a Saturday! Sister Gail Spotter would much rather go for a long walk in the Sylvanian forest than read a book. She particularly enjoys strolling along by the river and picking wild flowers for her ...
Sylvanian Families - Log Cabin Gift Set SF5610
The Log Cabin is the Sylvanians' favourite holiday hideaway. Tucked away in the woods is a special place for holidays with friends and family in summer sun or winter snow. The cabin is packed with lovely features; ...
Sylvanian Families - Pookie Panda Family SF5529
25% off
Meet the Pookie Panda Family, Father Walter, Mother Debra, Baby Brother Tyla and baby sister Angela. Recommended for ages 3 +
Sylvanian Families   Yellow Labrador Baby
16% off
Meet the baby from the Yellow Labrador Family, Poppy Fenton comes complete with hat and bag. Each figurine has its own story and can be complemented with a range of accessories. Age: 3 yrs+
Sylvanian Families Babies Ride and Play 5040
35% off
Mother rabbit takes babies to ride around a park in their new push car and tricycle! Includes mother rabbit, baby rabbit and squirrel, tricycle with basket & rotating wheels, car with rotating steering wheel & tires, 2 ...
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Twins
Meet Breeze and Kabe Chocolate the Chocolate Rabbit Twins. Set comes complete with push cart. Ages: 3 yrs+
Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Family 5396
20% off
A 3 figure set containing Polar Bear father, mother and child. Seamus enjoys fishing. He always researches the best bait to use for the fish that can be caught in each season ahead of time. Maya is a slow runner on land ...
Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set 5094
19% off
Kate Periwinkle is a nurse and helps her husband at the Country Clinic. Set includes the Milk Rabbit Mother with a nurse uniform, wheelchair, medicine as well as more accessories. Non-nurse figures not included sold ...
Sylvanian Families Kitchen Play Set
25% off
The Kitchen Play Set includes a double-door, three-drawer refrigerator, cooker unit and sink unit along with cooking utensils, ingredients, and other small accessories. Store your cooking utensils in the kitchen cabinet ...
Sylvanian Families Town Girl Series Flower Gifts Playset 5369
14% off
The Flower Gifts Playset includes Milk Rabbit Older Sister, characterised by her elegant expression, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. She wears sparkling accessories and a lovely, stylish dress perfect for the town. ...
Sylvanian Families - Milk Rabbit Baby (v2)
10% off
Meet baby Henry Periwinkle from the Milk Rabbit Baby. Henry comes complete with hat and bag. Each figurine has its own story and can be complemented with a range of accessories.
Sylvanian Families - Veggie Babies SF5592
14% off
A set of seven babies wearing fairy tale outfits. Includes Brown Rabbit baby (Red),Acorn Mouse baby (Blue),Red Deer baby (Purple),Cream Cat baby (Pink),Koala baby (Orange),Racoon baby (Yellow),and Elephant baby (Green), ...
Sylvanian Families Baby Nursery Set 5436
13% off
The Baby Nursery Set will help to create a lovely area for baby in the nursery. It includes a crib with mobile, a high chair with accessories and a slide for playtime in the nursery. * Figures not included. * Ages: 3+
Sylvanian Families Vegetable Garden Set
The joy of harvesting your vegetable crop makes all the hard work planting, tending and watering the vegetable garden, worthwhile! Set includes vegetable patch, hose pipe, rake and a variety of vegetables. Figure not ...
Sylvanian Families Fashion Play Set Town Girl Persian Cat Alicia 5461
30% off
Mix & Match Fashion Set Town Girl Series Persian Cat includes Alicia who is a model all girls look up to, and always draws attention when she walks through the town. This set contains clothes, bags, accessories and shoes ...
Sylvanian Families - Fairy Tale Friends SF5590
A set of seven babies wearing fairy tale outfits. Includes Brown Rabbit baby (Red),Acorn Mouse baby (Blue),Red Deer baby (Purple),Cream Cat baby (Pink),Koala baby (Orange),Racoon baby (Yellow),and Elephant baby (Green), ...
Sylvanian Families Baby Windmill Park SF5526
20% off
Baby Windmill Park is a playground set for baby figures, and includes a windmill, butterfly gondola, flower slide, and tulip seesaw. Includes the popular Persian Cat Baby. Winding the windmill makes the butterfly gondola ...
Sylvanian Families Sheep Baby SF5620
Meet baby Emma Dale from the Sheep Baby. Emma comes complete with hat and bag. Each figurine has its own story and can be complemented with a range of accessories. Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Floral Garden Set SF5361
The Floral Garden Set includes a rose arch with many accompanying flowers and plants to brighten up the town. Figures not included. Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Party Time PlaysetSF5646
21% off
The Party Time Playset features Tuxedo Cat girl Lily in an exclusive party dress, plus a lavish two-tier cake and presents. Comes with toppings to help decorate the cake. Both the top and bottom tiers of the cake can be ...
Sylvanian Families Candy Wagon SF5266
17% off
The Candy Wagon comes with lots of colourful candy and drawers. The movable shelf can be attached to the edge of the wagon or stored inside it. The candy stand can also be attached to the poles of the wagon and the ...
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Mother Set SF5014
32% off
Frasier Chocolate Rabbit enjoys sitting on his favourite couch after a hard day of work and relaxes by reading a newspaper Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Brother Set SF5015
18% off
Coco Chocolate Rabbit often helps his mother to clean the bathrooom. Sometimes he uses too much detergent but he does his best to make the bathroom as clean as possible. Suitable 3+ years
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway Park with Milk Rabbit Baby 5452
28% off
Swing through the trees with Baby Ropeway Park. Pull the end of the rope left or right and watch Milk Rabbit Baby ride the gondola. There is an adventure playground under the trees. * Includes: Milk Rabbit Baby, Main ...
Sylvanian Families Pony Friends Set SF5650
13% off
The Pony Friends Set includes two silky-haired Pony figures, Chestnut Pony girl Vera is wearing a dress, while Silver Pony girl Giselle wears trousers and a top. Also includes a stylish freestanding mirror, hair ...
Sylvanian Families Chihuahua Dog Family
Cesar is a very quiet person, and the children in the village think he is difficult to talk to. He often reads books alone in his room, but he actually likes to talk to other people. When someone visits him at home, he ...
Sylvanian Families - Hair Stylist Set
20% off
The Pony's Hair Stylist Set includes Serafina Manely, the silky-haired hairdresser, a cart, and various accessories. Create different hair styles with the included hair accessories. The bottles and other haircare tools ...
Sylvanian Families Playful Starter Furniture Set 5449
31% off
The Playful Starter Furniture Set lets you turn the knob on the hob to reveal a flame. Place the apple pie or baguette on the cutting table and cut them with the knife. Place a cup in the fridge ice dispenser to make ice ...
Sylvanian Families   Silk Cat Baby
Meet Gilly Golightly the Silk Cat Baby, she comes complete with hat and bag.Ages: 3 yrs+
Sylvanian Families Fashion Play Set - Jewels & Gems
The Fashion Play Set - Jewels & Gems Collection contains Snow Rabbit older sister Ruby and flower-themed accessories with sparkly rhinestones. This set can be used to mix and match different clothes and accessories. ...
Klorofil Panda Family Set of 4 - The Magic Tree House Series
27% off
... the little sister Poppy who can always be found frolicking in the forest. Combine them with other Magic Tree House Family sets and let your imagination run free as you bring their daily adventures to life! KLOROFIL PANDA ...
Melissa & Doug Wooden Doorbell House
30% off
... child! FEATURES: * Melissa & Doug toys * Design: Wooden Doorbell House * Colour: Multi * 4 working doorbells, locks and keys * Includes 4 wooden family figures * Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included) * Durable handle ...
(1, Normal) - House of Marbles - Marble Reward Jar
... - Marble Reward Jar. A perfect way of rewarding children's good behaviour at home, in nurseries or schools. House of Marbles - marble reward jar. We are here to help! A perfect way of rewarding children's good behaviour ...
Peppa Pig House & Garden Playset
Open up Peppa's House to reveal lots of rooms and a garden area! There's lots of furniture, 2 articulated Peppa and George figures, plus a see-saw and tree for outdoor fun! Make up lots of Peppa Pig stories, push Peppa & ...
Playmobil Family Fun Family Camper Van 70088
18% off
... his first rounds, Mama sets the table and Papa gets dinner cooking on the grill. This will be a fantastic family holiday! For even more fun, the roof and side wall of the Camper Van can be removed. Inside the vehicle ...
Brio My Home Town Hen House
10% off
... early bird! Ready to feed the hen with corn from your bucket and set the fence straight? Come join the fun in the Hen House. Psst! The hen's favorite place to sit is on the roof top. Suitable for ages over 18 months
Peppa Pig Family Figure Pack - Assorted*
_Each sold separately_ Create your own adventures with the Peppa Pig family figure pack. Suitable for ages 3+ years. FEATURES * Peppa Pig Family Figure Pack * Includes: Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig and George * ...
Funko POP! DC Super Heroes #273 Joker (Death Of The Family)
... ) - NEW, MINT CONDITION This is the Australia/NZ version of the US Hot Topic Exclusive Joker (Death Of The Family) POP! from the DC Super Heroes series in the POP! Heroes range. BRAND NEW MINT CONDITION UNOPENED IN BOX ...
Playmobil Family Fun Bungalow with Pool Playset
7% off
... robust design, cleaning the parts (without stickers) under running water without chemicals * Box contents: 1x Playmobil Family Fun Bungalow with pool, 156-piece toy set with instructions: 1 bungalow, 1 pool, 4 figures ...
Modern Family Gloria Pop! Vinyl Figure 755
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett From the television series, Modern Family As portrayed by Sof'a Vergara Made of plastic/vinyl 3.75" tall Thank you for shopping with us.
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Addams Family - Uncle Fester Pop! Vinyl
Addams Family - Uncle Fester Pop! Vinyl
Schleich Horse Club Lakeside Country House and Stable Playset 42551
23% off
The sprawling historic country house in Lakeside has been home to the Kramer family for generations. Hannah spends her days caring for Cayenne and Jupiter, the quarter horse gelding and the Hanoverian stallion. After a ...
Timber Tots Hazelnut house
... for stimulating coordination and fine motor skills. * Includes the Figure Ella from the Panda Family * Press the button and spin the house to discover a new room * Rooms include, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom * Comes ...
Dena Toys Pastel House People Stacker Teether Free Play Activity 12pc Set
49% off
... game. Your children will enjoy themselves while developing fine motor skills. Children can use this set of pastel houses and people as a teether, for stacking, as a puzzle, free play, sensory stimulation or as a bath ...
30% off
... loves to shop. Many hours of entertainment & fun play with this compact set. Grocery Store with Carry House features various accessories, including an adorable ice cream cart, a cashier desk, a sunshade, and a vegetable ...
Schleich   Glittering Flower House Playset
... figurines are exceptionally detailed, lovingly painted and allow children to play and learn at the same time. The elf houses are all unique and beautiful ÔÇô but this one is like a dream come true. In the light of the ...
Fisher-Price Little People Friendly School House Playset
Almost Gone
... teeter-totter spinning globe bell for extra fun! FEATURES: * Fisher-Price toys * Design: Little People Friendly School House * Colour: Multi * Easily foldable for storage * Materials: N/A * Recommended for ages 1+ years ...
Schleich   Smurf House With 2 Figurines
1% off
The playset contains a large Smurf house, Papa Smurf and Gargamel with his loyal cat Azrael.Suitable for age 3 yrs+
Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle with Bandit Figurine Playset
... Bandit * 2 x Surfboards * Sticker Sheet * Vehicle * Official licensed Bluey product * Fits the whole family * Take the family to the beach or even the dump * Hours of entertainment * Materials: N/A * Recommended for ages ...
Ldd   The Addams Family Gomez & Morticia
34% off
... , outfitted in a pinstripe suit and tie. Morticia is the cool, calm, and collected center of the Addams Family and is the perfect counterpart to her hot-headed husband. Morticia is bewitching, wearing a gown with octopus ...
CoComelon Family 4 Figure Pack - Red
... your little one can play and imagine all day long! * Can't get enough JJ? No problem! This CoComelon Family set includes 2 JJ figures in 2 adorable outfits! * This set is based on CoComelon YouTube videos that your kids ...
Ses Creative Tiny Talents Children's Family Hugs Soft Cloth Photo Book- Unisex
... it yourself, you can practice together with your child what everyone's name is, and the family is always close by! This makes the family hugs photo book also an ideal gift to give! SES has been the specialist in creative ...
Terra by Battat - Cheetah Family - Multi
... your collection of Terra by Battat's wild safari animal figures with this proud Cheetah family! Suitable for ages: 3+ years. FEATURES * Cheetah Family * Terra by Battat * Includes: Cheetahs are the world’s fastest land ...
Bluey Family Home Playset
21% off
... TV show settle into his new home. This Family Home Playset features everything you need from a ... Perfect for imaginative play. FEATURES: * Bluey toys * Design: Family Home Playset * Colour: Multi * Pack contents: * 1 ...
Peppa Pig Wooden Family Figures
... aims to stimulate a child's imagination during play. Encourage children to develop their motor skills with this chunky family pack of 4 wooden figures. Set includes Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig & George Pig each with ...