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Here at Catch, you’ve got access to the world of luxury travel like never before. We’ve teamed up with our sister site and travel powerhouse Bon Voyage to give you nothing but the best in holiday deals and luxury accommodation. Your new gateway to luxury travel is out of this world and most importantly, hassle-free.

Domestic gems and international vistas

Thanks to a variety of domestic and international travel deals, your luxury holiday is more accessible than ever. Experience beachside bliss, retreat to a lush winery estate, or be at the heart of it all with a CBD stay. Local luxuries are truly at your fingertips, right here at Catch and Bon Voyage.

Our international travel deals span some of the most stunning holiday destinations around the world, and some of the best-rated hotels to boot. For the ultimate globe-trotting experience, you’ll need the accommodation to back it up. Whether it’s a week on the Greek islands in picture perfect blue bliss, or a Southeast Asian beachfront getaway in Indonesia, your dream holiday is just a few clicks away.

Your luxury holiday in Bali is now more accessible than ever. Experience the untouched magic of Oceania with the best holiday packages in Fiji, the jewel of the tropics and discover the natural wonders of Phuket with luxury Thai holiday deals. Wherever you’re going, leave it to Bon Voyage to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Experience the Bon Voyage traveller difference

If you're in need of a new suitcase or travel bag to take on your trip, remember to check out's awesome luggage deals. We stock Samsonite, Antler and Delsey gear for less, making it easy for you to travel in style.

What to expect from your luxury holiday package? Think massages, late check-out, welcome drinks and experiences like no other. Remember to read the highlights and inclusions to discover exactly what you're in for. Most importantly, all of our luxury travel packages are backed by our Peace of Mind guarantee.

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Making your dream trip a reality has never been easier. If you’re looking for a travel experience that’s a cut above the norm, Bon Voyage is just the ticket. Here at Catch, you can explore a massive range of quality luggage and all the big brands under one roof - we’re truly your one-stop-shop for holiday bliss. Explore Catch and Bon Voyage today and let the vacation vibes begin...

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