Best travel insurance

Which travel insurance is the best?

When it comes to choosing travel insurance, each person has their own personal preference! Travel insurances are divided into three main categories - basic, mid-range and comprehensive. Depending on where and who you’re traveling with, these coverage options can be explored. However, in our opinion best travel insurance companies must at least offer primary medical coverage, generous limits, fewer exclusions and good customer service (meaning 24/7 worldwide)!

For frequent flyers, the best travel insurance is the one that covers flight delays, loss of luggage/personal items, trip cancellations and baggage delays. Although people have different choices when it comes to travel insurance, one thing that all travel insurance plans have in common is robust emergency medical coverage. Even though we want things to run smoothly, life is likely to surprise us with unexpected twists. Even the healthy, happy and wise can run into unexpected troubles on their holidays - that’s why medical coverage is a quintessential aspect of anyone and everyone’s travel insurance.

Tips to choose the best travel insurance for yourself and for your family!

The travel insurance to opt for depends on the type of trip you’re going on and the level of coverage you need. If you explore the market you’ll find heaps of insurance companies offering different policies at different prices, some cheap and some expensive. However, the ideal policy should be the one that comprehensively covers you when you need it the most. Don’t pay for cover you don’t need, meaning if you’re going to a tropical island, don’t pay to get covered for snow sports!

Research extensively before selecting your travel insurance. Also read through the policies thoroughly even if it looks boring to you. Especially go through the product disclosure statement in order to understand what to carry and what not to.

If you’re traveling with kids, go for an insurance that covers your kids under 18 for free! If your family outing includes camping or extreme outdoor sports and activities, get it all covered. For these, your best option may be mid-rage to comprehensive insurance.

Check if the insurer is reputable and has received good reviews from customers. Taking out travel insurance from a trusted company is the right thing to do. Don’t fall prey to non-reputable travel insurance’s cheap policies. Read testimonials from previous customers and check their score on customer service as well.

The cover that is best suited to your trip depends entirely on you and your circumstances. If you're a backpacker on a strict budget, you might want a no frills medical-only policy, while if you've paid a lot in deposits or have pre-existing health conditions, a more comprehensive policy might be better for you. Comprehensive insurance is costlier than the other two, but offers much more - it’s more like a wholesome insurance! Benefits of this policy include coverage for loss of income, permanent disability, accidental death, rental vehicle excess so on and so forth.

If you choose to go with a basic policy, then make sure you don’t carry anything expensive on your trip. Many love to live on the edge and if you're one of them, then a minimalist trip with basic travel insurance should be your go to.

Best insurance in its entirety depends on what you consider as best, so choose wisely! Check out Catch’s travel insurance policies and get a personalised quote now!

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