Medical travel insurance

Am I eligible for Travel Insurance with Medical Condition Cover?

A pre-existing medical condition is any condition that you have received medical advice, treatment, or medication for in the last X number of months or years. Depending on the insurer you choose to go with, this number will vary - most generally set a period of 6 months up to and including the day on which you decide to become insured under the policy. However some conditions such as brain, heart, circulatory system, respiratory conditions, cancer or any chronic/dental conditions are not restricted to a specific time frame and will be classified as eligible for medical travel insurance if you’ve had these at any time. Mental illnesses that you’ve seen a doctor or dentist for in the 90 days prior to the purchase of your policy, even if it’s very minor. If you’re pregnant and planning to jet-off on a holiday, you can also covered! Although there is a broad range of conditions that are covered, the acceptance of pre-existing conditions will depend on each individual’s situation and severity.

What Does Travel Insurance For Medical Conditions Cover?

Although it goes without saying, travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions can differ in the scope of coverage depending on which level you choose to take out; basic, standard or comprehensive. The coverage typically included will be for overseas hospital/medical fees, cancellations, stolen/lost luggage, and unavoidable circumstances that arise from travel delays such as booking a hotel due to a rescheduled flight. The benefit of taking out insurance under a pre-existing medical condition policy is, you’ll be covered for emergency medical and hospital services that pertain specifically to your ailment or illness. There are some medical conditions that are considered “extreme” or “serious” including strokes, epilepsy, certain types of diabetes and heart problems, which can often induce higher premiums, and a slightly more lengthy process before cover is approved. That’s why it’s key to get on top of travel insurance early, so you don’t have to worry about it when it’s time to pack your suitcase!

Make Sure You’re Insured!

There are certain pre-existing medical conditions that many insurance companies won’t cover including a terminal illness, conditions involving alcohol dependency and travel booked against the advice of a medical practitioner. Once you’ve selected the level of coverage that’s right for you, all that’s involved is some paperwork. Luckily at Catch, you can get a personalised quote with Catch Essentials! The sooner you organise coverage, the more time you’ll have to plan out the holiday you deserve - whether it’s relaxing on the beaches in Bali or living it up on a USA road trip.

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