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Holidays are really exciting! From the moment your tickets are booked, your excitement doubles. Isn’t that right? Well, once your tickets and accomodations are taken care off, there’s one more thing that needs your attention - and that’s travel insurance. Wondering whether you need travel insurance or not? Trust us when we say, the answer is definitely YES!

Why do I need travel insurance?

Whether you’re coming to, or going overseas from Australia/the land down under, getting yourself and your family travel insurance is a must. Holidays don’t always go as planned, so getting insured in advance is the smart thing to do. Don’t let the unexpected or unforeseen accidents ruin your holiday, let your travel insurance for Australia be the guard.Travel insurance within Australia or outside of Australia are mainly for your peace of mind. If you end up catching the flu while you’re overseas or wake up in hospital after a rough night, worry not! Most travel insurances take care of both illness and injuries! Now that we’re clear on the must have insurance front, let’s go ahead and find out what's generally covered by travel insurance.

Travel insurance to Australia normally cover the following;

  • All medical and hospital expenses within Australia
  • Loss/ theft of luggage and personal items
  • Rental vehicle cover
  • Emergency travel cover
  • Cancelation of trip due to unexpected reasons

Most travel insurances have different packages and customised quotation methods for customers. If you’re coming to Australia to experience the wildlife, nature and adventure that the country has to offer, then get your adventure activities insured. If you’re all about the adrenaline rush and confess to being an adventure junkie, then you must get travel insurance that covers scuba, bungee jumping, skydiving, river rafting, skiing and so on and so forth. Why worry when you’re about to experience the biggest joys of life?

FYI- Any injuries caused to you can hit you with a major out of pocket cost if you’re not insured. So make sure, while you’re having the time of your life, you don’t end up busting your bank account for something you never expected in the first place.

However many good luck and Bon Voyage wishes you get, your journey might still be rough sometimes ( not that we want it to be rough for you). ‘Always be prepared’- that’s the motto for traveling safe! Make sure flight delays, stolen luggage, last minute flight cancelations and emergency travel are all covered under your travel insurance in Australia.

For both domestic travel or international, travel insurance has to be on the list of things you can’t leave without especially if you’re traveling with a pregnant woman, kids, elderly people or handicapped individuals. Don’t let anything bring your travel plans to a halt, all you have to do is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst! Get the best travel insurance within Australia or for international travel now from Catch essentials and secure yourself and your family from any unlikely events that might cause unnecessary financial loss. There’s no need to compare prices or benefits, because here we offer the best at the lowest! Jump online to Catch essentials and get your customised quote now!

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