Travel insurance to/for europe from australia

Travel Insurance to Europe from Australia!

If you’re reading this, we’re assuming you’re planning to jet off to one of the most captivating and diverse continents in the world! Did you know that there are a whopping 44 countries in Europe? With so many places to explore, so many views to see and so many delicious foods to treat yourself to, it can be a mission deciding where you want to go. But one thing is for certain - you’ll experience an entirely different culture which will be sure to “broaden your mind” as they say! Whether it’s a several month-long trip with some mates, travelling around a handful of countries with the family, or embarking on the classic “me, myself and I” solo trip, we’re extremely jealous. But before you pack the suitcases, you may want to consider taking out travel insurance for Europe. There are countless reasons why we’d recommend this, some of which we’ll share with you today. If a stress-free holiday to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, or wherever in Europe you’re going sounds ideal, travel insurance is what you need!

Do I need travel insurance for Europe?

You may hear people say that travel insurance for Europe isn’t necessary. Some are under the impression that health care in Europe is completely free across the board, but that isn’t necessarily true! Although emergency treatment given in an Accident and Emergency department, treatment for infections like STDs and a few others are generally covered by the health care system, you’ll find yourself having to pay out-of-pocket in the majority of circumstances. What if you catch a fever while in colder regions like Austria, Sweden and Denmark? What if you sustain an injury in an unexpected event and need treatment thereafter? In those cases, you’ll be relieved you took out travel insurance before you left! On top of medical-related expenses, travel insurance has got your back for trip cancellations, lost/stolen bags and luggage, and emergency evacuation coverage. If you’re a real thrill-seeker and heading off to locations like Interlaken, Switzerland and Mont Blanc, France for some extreme sports, we recommend looking for a travel insurance plan that provides hazardous sports coverage. Because as we all know, accidents happen. Winter sports coverage is also available if you’re looking to take on the slopes at some of the classic ski resorts including Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy and Courchevel in France. Or if you’re embarking on a cruise around Europe, cruise coverage may also be something to look into - just make sure than plan incorporates all the countries you’ll be travelling too. Unfortunately, travel insurance won’t pay for your cocktails though...

Enjoy your European Holiday to the fullest knowing you’re covered!

With a myriad of travel insurance policies for Europe out there today, it can get a little confusing and even overwhelming when it comes to choosing. Luckily, here at Catch Essentials, we’ve made the process a whole lot easier and easy to understand. Get a personalised quote today and see what the best travel insurance plan is for you! Now get out there and travel like you’ve never traveled before. Bon voyage!

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