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Planning a trip to USA? Make sure you have a travel insurance that covers your trip!

When it comes to The United States, your imagination is captivated by many explorable diversities. From nature filled YellowStone Park and Grand Canyons to concrete Manhattan and glamorous Beverly Hills, the US has it all! From some of the biggest cosmopolitans to beautiful quiet rural towns, USA has something for all kinds of travelers! If you plan on visiting the United States soon then here are several things you should consider before jetting off.

Get secured with travel insurance to USA!

However perfect your plan to visit states may sound, there are many factors that are just simply not under your control. One of them is natural disasters! Yes, many parts of America are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes - for instance, Florida. On the west coast, California is prone to earthquakes and forest fires, whereas the east is always under the threat of snowstorms and blizzards in winters. So basically before you plan your holidays, we recommend doing some research on the climatic conditions of the areas you’re planning to visit. Most travel insurances don’t cover known events, for example forecasted storms. Many plans will exclude events like volcanoes and avalanches classifying them as ‘an act of god’! In order to make the most out of your trip without fear, opt for a coverage option that covers trip cancellations and interruptions in case of emergency evacuations, missed connections and trip delays as a result of natural disasters. Any comprehensive plan covering all the above is a good choice for you.

Go for travel insurance that covers health and medical treatments!

America is known to have a reputable healthcare system and therefore medical expenses in states are exorbitant! Any sickness, illness, ailment, accidental injuries or even minor health issues can cost you a fortune if you’re traveling across the United States without insurance. So before setting out on your grand adventure, make sure your travel insurance to USA covers all your medical expenses.

Any health and safety concerns when travelling in the US?

If you’re going to drive from the east coast to the west or vice versa, make sure your insurance policy includes vehicle coverage and that you’re familiar with the road rules. Sticking to the right side (in literal sense) while driving is a must. Unlike in Australia, Americans drive on the right side of the road, so make sure you’re well aware of the US road rules. Be careful of the burglars as well, as some places in the country are known for petty theft. Being mindful is the key here!

Since America has strict regulations for food and water, you can consume local food and drink tap water without any worries.

If you’re thinking of indulging in enthralling activities and sports like scuba-diving, sky-diving, cliff-jumping, skiing and more, then get an insurance package that covers these. If you’re traveling in winter then get all winter sports covered. For choosing the right travel insurance for USA, you have to look around, compare prices, ask for customised quotes and thoroughly go through product disclosure statements to make sure all your personal belongings are covered.

If cruising through Carrabians is in your itinerary, then don’t forget to get your cruise trip covered in your insurance pack as well. Now that you know what could go wrong and what needs prior preparation, go ahead and plan your next trip to the United States of America!

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