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Planning to go to Singapore? Then get your travel insurance first!

All excited to enjoy the luxuries of Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Island? Well, it’s normal to feel enthralled about immersing yourself in the culture and experiencing the best that the remarkable island of Singapore has to offer! But before jetting off, don't forget to get your travel insurance for Singapore.

It’s true that Singapore has a strong western influence and is an amazing getaway for all Aussies. However, mishaps and unexpected encounters do happen, so it’s important to always be prepared. Before you start your journey, it’s vital to get adequate travel insurance for yourself and your family (if they’re coming along).

Insurance that can cover emergency medical expenses, loss of luggage or personal items, flight delays or cancelations and vehicle rental excess is an ideal one for you. However what insurance works best entirely depends on your needs and expectations. Mainly there are three things you should look for in an insurance policy and those are sufficient coverage, no hidden cost/payments and low prices.

One important piece of advice is, think it through before taking out insurance! Yes, do not make your purchase immediately. Take your time to read the details of the entire policy and be thorough with the product disclosure statement.

Are there health and safety risks in Singapore?

Singapore is a safe destination, heaps of Aussies travel there for work or holidays every year. Most of the time, warm beaches and excellent hospitality makes the trip worthwhile! However, sometimes unforeseen events or unknown safety hazards may affect your trip.

So before heading off, make sure you‘re aware of these few safety hazards. Smoke haze, Zika virus, petty crimes and allergies may come along if you’re not cautious. Some airborne allergies like conjunctivitis are highly contagious - if you happen to contract it, keep your eyes covered with sunglasses and seek treatment immediately to prevent spreading it. If you find someone with conjunctivitis, it’s best to keep a safe distance. Such allergies can be self-diagnosed but would probably need professional medical assistance (That’s when your insurance will come to rescue).

If you’re planning to rent a motor vehicle, make sure your insurance policy includes coverage for rental vehicle excess. Be cautious on the roads and read the road rules before driving. This is important no matter where you go, as each country have their own road rules that need to be followed.

Singapore is a beautiful holiday destination. So beautiful that many couples choose the island as their honeymoon destination. To have the best time of your life, you’ll need peace of mind and that only comes when you know you’re fully covered no matter what. So if Singapore is your holiday destination this summer, then come to Catch for cheap and effective travel insurance. We have customised policies for each traveler available at a ridiculously low price. Get your quote now!

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